While many motorcyclists here in Minnesota have begun to put away their bikes as the weather begins to turn colder, some haven't done that quite yet. Earlier today the Carver County Sheriff's Office shared the dramatic photos of a motorcycle under the rear axel of a semi-truck. The message from the Sheriff's Office noted the rider survived with minor injuries!

The post states that the crash occurred at an intersection near one of Minnesota's deadliest roads, Highway 212.

Image Credit: Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

Deputies are currently on a crash at the intersection of Co Rd 11 and Hwy 212 just outside the city of Carver; the bridge is currently closed while the investigation continues.

The crash involved a semi-truck and a motorcycle. These photos show the end result of the crash; thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. The driver of the motorcycle left the scene under their own power with only minor injuries. If riding a motorcycle, this is a strong reminder to always wear a helmet and other protective equipment. It might very well be the difference between life and death. ~824ts
From what we can glean from the post, the rider was able to leave the scene of the dramatic crash under their own power and was clearly wearing a helmet.
If this post doesn't reinforce the importance of wearing a helmet and riding leathers or clothing, I'm not sure what will get people to at least think twice about donning a helmet or pants and a jacket.
Also, this crash is a good reminder to drivers of all vehicles to keep an eye out for motorcycles on Minnesota roadways.

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