Once again, Minnesota is ranked number one, this time when it comes to on-time flights from MSP.

When you're traveling, there are few things more annoying than encountering a delay with your flight. It can affect your connecting flights, mess up your plans and just generally make things miserable, whether you're on vacation for flying for work, right?

Fortunately for us here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, if you're looking to grab a flight-- and you want that flight to be on-time-- you really can't do better than Minnesota's own Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport just up Highway-52 in Bloomington. Because according to another annual survey, MSP is the most on-time airport of its size here in the U.S.

MSP just released the results of this year's OAG Punctuality League Survey (now THAT sounds like a fun group, doesn't it?) and it show how good MSP is at keeping flights on-time. "MSP ranked second globally in 2019 among major airports with an on-time performance record of 83.27 percent," the report said.

And, in case you might be thinking that MSP's high ranking in this year's survey is a fluke, not so fast, my friend. The report also notes that MSP ranked nearly as high in previous years' on-time flight surveys, coming in third in 2018 and having been ranked first in 2017.

And, while this part wasn't included in the report, a big shout-out to the U.S. Customs crew assigned to MSP. When we were coming back from Europe last summer, they made going through customs a breeze, and moved quickly through the line, even though several big airliners had just landed and the lines were long! Go, Minnesota!

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