In Rochester, Minnesota it's pretty obvious that the most popular job is most likely a nurse. But in Minnesota overall, that's not the most popular job according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). I was not expecting this to be the most popular job here.

This data comes from May 2020 research. It breaks down every job category from broad down to a more narrowed look (they call them 'Levels' in their chart) and reveals how many people hold that kind of job, annual mean wage, etc.

The different 'Levels' in the BLS chart are 'major', 'broad', and 'detail'. I only looked at the 'detail' level in order to get a more specific view of the most popular job in Minnesota. Let's check out the top 5 most popular and see if you fit in any of these!

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5. Customer Service Representative

Serious female call center operator in headset talking with customer

4. Cashier

Paying with credit card at a grocery store

3. Fast Food and Counter Worker


2. Registered Nurse

Confident Male Nurse Standing In Hospital

Registered Nurse, the job I'm sure is the most popular in Rochester, is just barely out of the top spot for all of Minnesota.

Minnesota's Most Popular Job

Female shop assistant talking to customer in a clothes shop

The most popular job in Minnesota according to the BLS is a Retail Salesperson. I was a little surprised by that but then again, it's a really popular first-time job. Plus, we have tons of stores that need staff so of course, that means there also needs to be tons of retail salespeople.

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