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Seeing as we haven't been able to tailgate outside any stadiums before college and NFL games this year, Minnesotans have taken the party back home. And the number-one thing we need isn't exactly a surprise.

When we first heard that the Vikings would be playing football games at US Bank Stadium but fans wouldn't be allowed inside, the idea of a home tailgate party was born. And, when the Big 10 reversed itself and decided its teams (including the Gophers) would also play games without fans this year, the home tailgate party movement picked up steam.

Watching a Vikings or Gopher game at home isn't a new idea, but moving everything OUTSIDE to your patio, deck or garage and using the same things you'd use if you were outside US Bank Stadium IS a new twist here in 2020.

And, according to a new online survey from the gang over at Dutch Bulbs, the number-one thing Minnesotans searched for in getting their home tailgating set-up ready was... a grill. Which makes sense, you pretty much HAVE to fire up the grill and get ready to toss on some brats, burgers or hot dogs while you're watching the Vikings or the Gophers, right? (Not to mention those experts who get up extra early to fire up the smoker and start a rack of ribs early in the morning so they're ready for kick-off at noon!)

As it turns out, out a grill (whether it's an old school charcoal grill, a gas grill or even a pellet grill or smoker) is not only the most-searched-for home tailgate accessory here in Minnesota, but also in 20 other states, as well-- including my home state of Wisconsin, plus Illinois, Indiana, and South Dakota.

According to the survey, down in Iowa, a patio table took the most-searched-for title. In the west, a cooler was most-searched-for, while on the east coast, a big screen TV took the top spot. (I'd have thought TV would have been a little higher-ranked here in Minnesota, too. It's tough to watch the game without a TV, right?) Other searched-for home tailgate items include a hot tub, fire pit and outdoor chair/patio furniture.

And while home tailgating outside here in Rochester is fairly easy to do in the fall, it gets a little colder once November and December roll around. Of course, it makes sense considering Rochester IS one of the 15 coldest cities in America. Keep scrolling to see where the Med City ranks...

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