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Love Your Melon, the maker of super popular hats and beanies right here in Minnesota, has been sold to Win Brands, a New York firm.

According to a story in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune,

The deal was announced Tuesday after the buyer, Win Brands Group, raised $40 million in new investment capital for the purchase. Win did not say precisely how much it would pay for Love Your Melon, however.

Love Your Melon was started by Zachary Quinn and Brian Keller back in 2012. At the time they were students at the Univiserty of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their goal was to make money (it's a business, after all), and to help kids dealing with cancer.

Love Your Melon, click or link
Love Your Melon, click or link

In the ten years it's been around, Love Your Melon has donated more than $9,000,000 to support organizations fighting pediatric cancer. They've also donated hundreds of thousands of their hats to kids and families dealing with childhood cancers.

Quinn and Keller will still lead the organization, and the 25 employees, mostly in Minneapolis, will stay here in the state.

A tiny portion of the organizations helped by Love Your Melon. Click for the whole list.
A tiny portion of the organizations helped by Love Your Melon. Click for the whole list.

Personal Note: I think this is an awesome opportunity and huge congratulations to the St Thomas grads for their hard work and dedication. I hope the familiar, "people won't lose their jobs and we'll stay in Minnesota" will be true in this case and not just be a couple of year playout.

Minnesota can rightfully be proud to be the home of Love Your Melon.

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