I know that the calendar just flipped over to December, but if you are looking for something to look forward to in 2022, Bunker Beach Water Park, Minnesota's largest outdoor water park just announced its opening date for 2022. This of course is coming off a year where they had record lines to get in, and recently remodeled a good portion of the park.

When will the water park open up in 2022?

Bunker Beach will open up, right as many Minnesota schools will be getting done with school for the year, an added plus for many Minnesota parents. The dates the park will be open will be from June 10th through Sept 5th.

2021 saw a new wave pool at the water park, as Bunker Beach replaced the 30-year-old wave pool with a new one, that had some added features, like being heated! From all accounts, the new features were a hit, as many times this year there was a line to get into the water park that also features the 'Lazy Loop' and 'Twisted Towers'.

What's new at Bunker Beach in 2022?

The park is closed for the season, but that doesn't mean the work is done. Next year families coming to the water park will have more locker options as the water park will be installing more new lockers for you to use inside the waterpark.

Hopefully, this news will not only give you something that your family can look forward to in 2022 but also help in making some summertime plans as we begin to hunker down for winter.

Speaking of winter here in Minnesota, there is a Norweigan trick to help you get through the darkness of winter, get more on that idea here. 

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