Need a smile today?  I found some of the best smiles on the Internet that will put a huge smile on your face.  Heck, some of these faces might even make you laugh.  If you are ready for a grin...👇

Minnesota's 10 Best and Funniest Dog Faces on Instagram (PHOTOS)

Dogs are pretty dang cute and seem to offer way better facial expressions than cats.  #justsaying. So, without further adieu, I bring you Minnesota's 10 best and funniest dog faces on Instagram:

Coming in at #10, it's a goofy pup with a face that made me crack up inside.

#9 is a visual of how I sometimes feel as I walk in between buildings in downtown Rochester.

It's 5 pm somewhere and these pups are #8 and your reminder...just in case you are having one of "those" days.

Dogs are super adorable but sometimes they have trouble figuring out how to fit in too.  #7 is a dog just trying to figure out his place in life.  (Hope he got out ok!)

If you need a sign to relax, #6 is it!

Moms that haven't had a break since March, #5 is for you!  Pretty sure #5 is the same dog as #6...but it is just that cute.

#4 - run like no one is watching (because honestly, who cares)

#3 is an example of how to throw some shade at 2020.  (Adults who don't know what that phrase means...go ask your kids.)

#2 isn't exactly how the game cornhole works, but it is cute.

And rolling in at #1 - how can you NOT smile at this one?  I know 2020 has been tough so if you are having trouble finding that smile, try sticking your tongue out right now and touching your nose. found it, didn't you?!

Happy National Dog Day!  I'd love to see photos of your furry friend.  Go ahead...add those over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

My furry babies didn't make the list but I do think this picture of my youngest is completely adorable.

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