File this one under NOPE. While I don't mind snakes, I can handle heights OK, but if I open up a new tool chest drawer and see this HUGE spider, I'm setting the whole garage on fire. ISH.

So this photo was shared with the Facebook group Minnesota Naturalists and said:

"Found in Minnesota, but doubtful it is native. Any ideas what? It’s about an inch long. My neighbor just unpacked a Menards 9 drawer tool chest and this came out from inside sitting on the Styrofoam. The box said made in Thailand. It was not let it go...."

Image Credit: Peter Leete Via Facebook
Image Credit: Peter Leete Via Facebook

Some of the answers as to what that giant spider could be ranged from:

  • Coelotes
  • Coras
  • Hacklemesh weaver
  • Wolf spider

If that spider was in my new tool chest it would have just been a dead spider.

The general consensus of the group ended up ID-ing the spider as a Coras Spider Funnel Web Weaver.

Either way, ISH.

No word from the original poster as to if anything else was found inside the new tool-chest from Menards. Either way, not what I'd expect to find.

If the spider was found in Southeastern Minnesota, it could have perhaps been a recluse spider as explains "They love to hitch a ride to Minnesota in dark places such as suitcases, food crates, and shipping boxes. This spider doesn’t like to hang out with humans but likes to live in places we build—such as basements, closets, and attics. In Minnesota, you’re only likely to get bit if you put your hand into a box packed in Missouri or a suitcase packed in Iowa." It is however extremely rare.

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