Have you ever heard of, or tasted, SpaghettiOs Pie? Neither have I, but I do love SpaghettiOs (especially cold, right out of the can). And yes, I'm an eight-year-old in an adult body.

As we're discussing this morning, Minnesotans are famous for eating all kinds of unique foods. From a state that proudly celebrates everything from leftsa to tater tot hot dish, and lutefisk to Lutheran sushi -- I really didn't see SpaghettiOs Pie coming.

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Would someone please buy this woman a rolling pin or something? Using her forearms to smash down the bread is a bit much. Also, I'm no chef, but easy on the garlic salt. And the milk looks a little gross when it gets all mixed in -- but I haven't tried it (yet), so I won't judge.

I had to laugh at one of the comments on Twitter that said:

In no recipe are forearms involved.

A lot of the comments seem to suggest that viewers think the post is fake, citing the forearms, half-container of garlic salt, and adding the milk.

Fake or not, I love pie crust, cheese, and SpaghettiOs -- so I am going to steal the idea, modify it, and give my version a try. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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