We all have a tendency to lose it a little bit when winter really gets the best of us. Whether we are trying to get somewhere and we can't because it is snowing or the temperatures get so cold we get a little crabby, it all impacts us at one point or another.

Then there are those people that get downright crabby and lose it a bit. I saw a classic example of this which did give me a good laugh when I learned that nobody was hurt. Not only is this the opposite of 'Minnesota nice' but it is downright wacky.

I follow a Facebook page that keeps me up to date on crime in Minnesota. Some of the things they post are scary but others can be a little comical at times and this story falls into the latter.

This incident was posted on Tuesday (February 28th) and states that a woman was angry because her local plow driver hasn't shoveled the sidewalk. In the plow driver's defense, I am not sure it is his job to shovel the sidewalk but maybe she is confused.

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Nonetheless, she was angry about it and according to this crime page, reportedly yelled at the plow driver and came out "wielding a brass curtain rod" at him out of this anger. This woman, who is in her 60s, has had the police called on her before.

This is one of many odd crime stories out of Minnesota as of late. A Minnesota man, for example, recently passed out in an Arby's drive-thru while waiting for his curly fries. The man had admitted to drinking Boone's Farm earlier in the day before headed to the fast food restaurant.

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