Welp, she definitely gets some points for trying! You may have heard this story about a woman who invited a famous television star to her wedding on Twitter only to get a shocking response. It turns out the woman is from Minnesota.

Speaking of celebrities in Minnesota, a movie star and singer has been spending time in the Twin Ports recently. Christina Milian has been filming a movie called Body Language in Duluth and visiting Superior during her time off.

This wasn't the first celebrity sighting in Duluth this year either! Over the course of the summer, Scandal star Katie Lowes went shopping in downtown Duluth. She was in town filming a movie that is now on Hulu.

Movie star Gerard Butler has also spent some time in Minnesota this year. He spent quite a bit of time in Rochester over the summer. He was spotted eating at local restaurants and even attended a local county fair!

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All of this is to say that there are more celebrity connections here than one might think! However, it doesn't seem like we will be adding Chris Meloni to the list of celebrities spotted in Minnesota. This whole thing is the definition of cringe-worthy!

I saw this on my own Twitter account over the weekend and the whole encounter went down Friday (December 2nd) and continued over the next day or so. Let me just say that this is absolutely something I would do.

A Twitter user and Minnesotan named Kelly tweeted a photo of her wedding invitation to Law & Order: SVU star Chris Meloni. She simply said "please come to my wedding" and shared the photo, which is modeled after the hit show and its famous title screen. I can just hear the dramatic "DUN DUN" that starts out each episode.

He wasn't feeling it but he did respond, which counts for something! He jokingly (at least I hope he was joking) asked what he would be doing there? She responded with good humor and said she blew the budget and listed off a bunch of different things he could do if he attended!

She also shared a photo of the inside of the wedding invite, which shows she is getting married in St. Paul. Even the inside of the wedding invite is a nod to the famous show, which I would do with Criminal Minds or another one of my favorite shows. Ha!

She did share another tweet after this whole thing went viral and stated that the wedding will not be Law & Order: SVU themed. She stated that the theme was only for the save the dates and not the actual wedding. Sigh.

I have a funny feeling he might just show up after this whole thing went viral! He was obviously joking but you have to love that he responded at all. I love that this Minnesotan has a passion for the show and is running with it. This is definitely a story she will have forever!

By the way, Law & Order: SVU is a great show but probably wouldn't make a great wedding theme. Chris Meloni now stars in his own spinoff called Law & Order: Organized Crime. Maybe he will find a break in his schedule to attend?

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