With our first real taste of Winter for the season hitting Central Minnesota, it's a good time to remind ourselves of some winter driving safety tips.

1. Plows - Never assume they can see you. Stay five car lengths behind it at least, 10 would be ideal. Give them room to work and clear off the roads.

2. Tow Trucks - If you see a tow truck on the side of the road move over as far as you safely can to avoid hitting the truck and the tow workers that are getting the broken vehicle off the side of the road.

3. Emergency Vehicles - Cops, fire trucks, ambulances, if they have their sirens and lights on, pull over and let them pass. It doesn't matter if there is snow on the road or not, they have lives to save.

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4. Slippery Roads - Turn the steering wheel in the same direction you are skidding, whether your back or front wheels are sliding. Turn the wheel slowly and steadily to avoid over-steering and starting a new skid or spin-out.

Overall just drive safe, use caution, and welcome to another Minnesota winter!

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