When I think about a destination wedding I imagine going to another country, maybe going to Hawaii, or getting married on a mountain in Colorado. I would never imagine people picking Minnesota as a spot they want to come to host their destination wedding but it turns out we're a hot spot for that! According to a new study, there are two Minnesota towns that are the top spots to host a destination wedding in the US.


I wonder where these people are from. Who said that they want their destination wedding to be in Minnesota? I mean, I likely feel slightly baffled because I live here so I'd never think of Minnesota as being a spot for a destination wedding.

When my husband and I were planning our wedding there was a brief moment when we thought about going to Hawaii to do a destination wedding. We realized that was never going to work for us and just had our wedding in the cities. But apparently, the Twin Cities are where people really want to have their wedding!

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This study, which was done by InsureMyTrip, revealed that Minneapolis and St. Paul are the top two places people want to have their US destination wedding, Minneapolis at number two and St. Paul at number one. Again, I'm a little baffled because I live in Minnesota but it sort of makes sense. Both cities have amazing architecture that could draw people in. Maybe some couples are dreaming about having a winter wedding, in which case this isn't a bad place to do that.

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It's kind of funny that the rest of the top ten are all warm destinations except one. Here are the top 10 places for a US destination wedding.

10. Colorado Spring, CO

9. Dallas, TX

8. Bakersfield, CA

7. Ontario, California

6. Atlanta, Georgia

5. Garland, TX

4. Irving, TX

3. Grand Prairie, TX

2. Minneapolis, MN

1. St. Paul, MN

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