You can mark Wells, MN as a Busch Light town. At least that's what it seems like after a Fox 9 KMSP-TV story over the weekend divulged that the town of 2,300 residents went through 13,000 cans of Busch Light in just 3 days!

The city-run liquor store which just opened their newest location back in February ran out twice during St. Patrick's Day week of Busch Light. According to Fox 9's report, Wells Liquor Depot sold 13,200 cans of the brew in just three days.

Some quick math on the amount of beer sold, 13,200 cans of Busch Light divided by the rounded off town population of 2,300 people amounts to roughly 5.75 cans of beer per resident.

That's a lot of beer for a town of that size.

Closer to home, various liquor stores are offering curbside and delivery service rather than allowing customers to shop inside the store due to the possible spread of COVID-19.

You can watch the story from FOX 9 below.

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