A couple of teenage girls in Cottonwood Minnesota were enjoying some sunshine on a  warm summer day doing a bit of gardening when they saw something that made them flee in terror into their friend's house. Hailey Nelson who is 17, and Dori Arnd who is 15 were at the home of friend Hailey Nyberg who is 17.

As they were gardening Nelson thought she saw the Nybergs dog approaching out of the corner of her eye which just so happens to be a black lab, so they just kept gardening. But a camera on one of the Nyberg's windows was recording the whole scene and it turns out the thing roaming around the yard was no dog, but a black bear!

Nelson said to WCCO-TV Staff:

We wanted money, so we decided to go pull some weeds and we’re just pulling some weeds, just talking, listening to some music, turn our heads and it’s just a black lab!

Once the girls realized it was a bear they jumped up and ran for the nearest door but unfortunately, it was locked.  Nelson and Arndt pounded on the door yelling for someone to let them in when Nyberg's dad quickly opened up the door and pulled the girl inside. Watch the video below and notice towards the end as Hailey Nyberg pops her head up from around the corner of the garage then disappeared fast!

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Brian Nyberg said when he first heard the girls screaming he was afraid they were being swarmed by bees or something. he went on to say to WCCO-TV: " I think it was funny that the first thing Dori went for was her water bottle [laughs]! They both grabbed their phones, You can’t leave your phones out there.”

After walking through some other yards and heading towards Mainstreet, thankfully the bear ended up heading back into the woods. Brian Nyberg guesses this bear was about 160 lbs. twice the size of his black lab. Fortunately, nobody was injured and the bear was able to escape. What a scary situation for the girls, but I am pretty sure this bear was just as scared as they were. Check out the viral video below .....

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