If you're going to shoot for the stars with your promposal, you might as well try for one of the biggest names in Hollywood!

Last Sunday Katie Kelzenberg, a Stillwater High School student, asked Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, known for his “Fast & Furious” fame to prom via Twitter, while also admitting she's a hard-core fan of his work. In the short clip below, she shows actor her eclectic collection of "The Rock" merchandise while also showing the him her most recent Halloween outfit, which pokes fun of an early 90's photo of the star in which he famously (or embarrassingly) sports a fanny-pack:


Well the A-lister finally gave her his response, and while it wasn't the one she was hoping for, he still shows major class and acknowledges how much it means to him to have amazing fans such as her:


Plus it's not like she walked away with nothing here, because he went and bought out the local movie theater and is treating all of her friends and family with tickets and treats to his latest flick "Rampage"! On top of all this, he even sent a personal message to her to be played for her during class today:  


Overall, I'd say she wins the Internet for today. Way to go, Katie!

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