A pregnant candidate for the Minnesota Senate was struggling through her speech at the DFL Convention because the contractions were coming on strong.

Watch As Maye Quade Pauses for the Contraction Then Pushes Through

According to a report on Minnesota's Fox 9 the experience,

"...has inspired some observers who see it as an example of the strength women need to overcome the unique challenges they face in their careers, but many also saw it as another example of the unfairness of system and society that does not accommodate them."

After her speech, Quade's opponent won the first round at the convention, and she withdrew from the race and made her way quickly to the hospital where, her spouse, Alyse Maye Quade, said it was 2:20 AM when Harriet Blake Maye Quade was born.

Watch the video above for further news on the political angle. Watch the video below for the raw, non-news recorded experience.

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