The Minnesota Senate Capital Investment Committee stopped in Faribault during a bond request tour Monday.  Senator John Jasinski of Faribault is a member of the committee and hosted the group at South Central College.

In addition to presentations by South Central College and the City of Faribault the Mayor and City Administrator of Medford, the Director of the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf (MSAD) and Minnesota State Academy for the Blind (MSAB) provided power point presentations of what projects they would like to receive state bonding assistance.

South Central College President Dr. Annette Parker thanked the committee for the funds received in 2014 to construct the facility they were meeting in this morning.  She said both the Faribault and North Mankato buildings were in need of some roof improvements.

Faribault City Administrator Tim Murray provided a power point presentation including photos of the flooding in 2010 that caused problems at the city's wastewater treatment plant.  Flood events in 2014 and 2016 also required the construction of a temporary wall to protect the facility and Murray said the city wanted to place a permanent berm there before construction of new water treatment and wastewater treatment plants in the area.

The city is requesting the state pick up half the tab for the projects.

The Mayor of Medford and their City Administrator also addressed the legislative committee about the need for a new combination city and fire hall.

The Director of MSAD and MSAB made requests for a new entry to the school to make it safer for students and staff and a new track for the school.


Faribault City Administrator Tim Murray Presentation to State Legislators at South Central College. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld