Ready to eat some burgers with a side of insults? A new unique pop-up dining experience is coming to Minnesota.

The dining experience will serve burgers, fries, a soda, and they will openly insult you during your time there. It is safe to assume that it will offer a "one-of-a-kind" experience in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The name is called Karen's Diner and according to the website, the restaurant claims to  be "the most fun you'll have eating burgers, ever". The restaurant even claims they hate good service and gave the place one star. Here's the motto they live by:

Great burgers, and very rude service. Get ready to live out your Karen dreams.

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Karen's Diner is very popular, raking up over 24 million likes on TikTok . There are 8 locations in Australia, 8 in the United Kingdom, one in Indonesia, one in New Zealand, and one in the United States (St. Louis). Just a heads up, they like to use naughty language:

The Minnesota location will be only open for two days, so if this is the experience you want, you may want to act fast. The pop-up diner will be open on October 14th and the 15th on South 7th Street in Minneapolis. Ticket prices go up to $47, and here is what you can expect:

It's an absurd, unique environment full of laughs, banter, and top-notch American diner-style grub! We pride ourselves on our terrible service, rated 1* by Karen herself! This is dining with a twist - the food is great, the service is ungrateful but your experience will be unforgettable.

They also made suggestions about what your night at Karen's Diner could be:

  • A fun way to break the ice on a first date.
  • Give your significant other a nice roasting for not messaging you back right away.
  • Or whatever it is they invite you to watch the carnage unfold.

It is also noted that kids are allowed, however, nobody under the age of 16 is allowed after 5 pm. The burgers offered are beef, chicken, and vegan.  If this seems like something up your alley, then buckle up buttercup.

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