Reg Chapman with WCCO-TV in the Twin Cities summed up what is happening in Minneapolis succinctly in a post to Facebook after being on assignment and witnessing gunshots being fired at the car next to him. "Something has to change." With everything, I have read and seen on video recently no truer words have even been written or said. Something has to change.

Chapman on Monday posted to Facebook about an encounter he and photojournalist Chris Crus had while driving down one of the more populous and popular corridors in Minneapolis, Hennepin Avenue, near the sculpture garden.

Something has to change. Photojournalist Chris Cruz and I were on assignment today, cruising down Hennepin Avenue over by the Sculpture Garden when we noticed a young man hanging out of the passenger side window of car. We also noticed a car creeping up behind it and within seconds the passenger in the trailing car opens fire, shooting at the car with the young man hanging out the window. We were in the lane next to it when it went down. It clears your sinuses and then it all sets in. Something has to change. It's the wild wild west on the busiest street in Minneapolis.

It seems like these types of events are becoming ever more common in Minneapolis, remember the shooting that was caught on doorbell camera? That too was in broad daylight.

Reg stated it best at the end of his post, "It's the wild wild west on the busiest street in Minneapolis."

What happened on Hennepin Avenue with Reg is one of the reasons that the Uptown Art Fair was canceled again this year, as event organizers told FOX 9 that "unanticipated challenges" caused the event to be canceled. Later on in that piece from Fox 9, "Jill Osiecki, the executive director of the Uptown Art Fair, told FOX 9 that security concerns are among the issues organizers faced. Osiecki said the event typically draws about 300,000 people to Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue, an area which she said has become more 'volatile'"

...Something has to change.

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