It's been an ongoing saga since the discussion came up a few months ago at the monthly Scott County officials meeting. Should Minnesota Renaissance Festival be shut down? That's the question that has been milling around for a bit after it was proven they violated parts of their permit. We've been waiting for an answer to our question for so long, even hoax social media posts have been shared to stir the pot a little more. More can be read on that HERE.

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After hearing back about the social media post being a hoax and confirming that the January 17, 2023 meeting is when we would learn more. I patiently, not so patiently waited. The meeting has come and gone now, but I'm not really sure we are much better off knowing or not knowing at this point.

On the Minnesota Renaissance Festival Facebook group page, David W. shared an update, stating;

County board meeting this morning summarized.

Decision regarding permit tabled until February 21st pending more concrete information on proposed changes to the permit. Possible March 7th drop dead date for final decision.


New parts of an application to amend the permit. (Some of which MAF didn't submit until Friday, Jan. 13.):

MAF proposed a $5.00 fee to park at MNRF (I think they said just on the busiest last three weekends?)

MAF Proposed to try to increase bus ridership 20% but no updated agreements with bus companies yet, hope for transit for 50,000 patrons, but no specified plan yet.

Open parking gates earlier, and make changes to improve parking efficiency and layout of parking lot, and hire "full time" parking staff.

There is a proposed new land lease through 2026, but it is not finalized at this point.


Alleged unlawful trespass by parking on DNR land adjacent to the Queen's Lot.

If you want to see a more detailed look at what was all presented at the latest board meeting. The minutes are shared HERE and are a very thorough look at what was presented and discussed. Look at item 9 on the minutes.

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All and all, I feel it was a good meeting, though we still don't know what will become of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Looks like more evidence and proposed changes still need to happen. Even though a decision has been pushed to next month. Something tells me we will still not have a real concise answer until March 7th, which they have dubbed the date for a final decision.

What do you think will happen? After 51 years will it be shut down, or do you think they will be able to come to a solution that makes most happy? Hit us up on our app with your thoughts!

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