The Police Department in Champlin is warning people that busy parking lots are not the place to escape for some privacy, especially in broad daylight in the middle of the week.

In a Facebook post Wednesay morning, the police department put out this message:

We would like to pass along a friendly reminder to everyone looking for some alone time with a sweetheart to please avoid any romantic entanglement in busy parking lots during normal business hours.
While we understand the cold weather can leave few options for finding some privacy in the moment, we would like to clarify that yes, you will draw suspicion when people can see you.

Apparently, this actually happened recently because they mentioned "noon" and "an autobody parking lot".

They finished up the post with:

Nothing kills the mood quite like Officer Irish tapping on your window. So please, save your sweetie the embarrassment and find somewhere private for any canoodling.

With Valentine's Day on the way, this is a great reminder for us all to be careful with our public displays of affection, and that autobody parking lots aren't the most romantic place to get it on.

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