The results are in, and Minnesota has just been rated one of the top states in the country when it comes to overeating during the coronavirus outbreak.

Here in Minnesota, we're used to being near the top of many lists when compared to other states, right? We have a great quality of life, our schools are top-notch, and our healthcare is some of the best in the world-- all subjects of various lists Minnesota has topped.

But being near the top of THIS new list from The Daring Kitchen is maybe something we DON'T want: Minnesota has just been listed among the top ten states for overeating during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In fact, we're number three on the list!

That's right, only the folks in Kentucky and Indiana are overeating more than we are here in the Land of 10,000 Snacks Lakes these days. So, just how did The Daring Kitchen go about compiling their list that puts us third?

Well, it's all thanks to what we're talking about on social media. The list is "based on geotagged Twitter data since March 1st, tracking tweets about 'overeating' as people practice self-isolation, self-quarantine, and social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak. Over 50,000 tweets were tracked," creators of the list noted.

I get that we could totally be overeating here in Minnesota, especially since our Stay-At-Home order just started Friday night. Heck, just about everything else is closed, so what is there to do but binge-watch something on Netflix while downing some Fritos? (Substitute your own favorite snack here... for me, though, it's Fritos!)

Rounding out the other top ten spots on overeating states list were Louisiana, Massachusetts, Georgia, New York, Nevada, my home state of Wisconsin at number nine, and Florida. You can take a look at the map HERE.

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