Fall is in the air and while this can be bittersweet in that summer is over, you can't deny that Minnesota is absolutely beautiful in the fall. Fall colors play a big part in that, along with crisp fresh air.

I love fall because it means Halloween time! There are a ton of fall family-friendly activities across the Northland from pumpkin patches to hay rides to everything in between. There are also family-friendly Halloween events as well.

Aside from events, fall also means fall colors, which never gets old. There are a bunch of ways to get to see the fall colors, especially in our neck of the woods. Even if you're lazy and don't want to go too far, you can still enjoy them.

Fall also means readying our homes for winter because once fall strikes, winter is never far away. Doing a few little things will help you immensely when it comes to wintertime. Fall really has a little bit of everything!

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Fall in Minnesota also has a little bit of everything so I wasn't shocked when Lawnstarter.com named Minnesota one of the best states to visit in the fall! Out of all the states, Minnesota came in at number nine.

The website looked at things like how long fall foliage lasts, number of scenic drives and hiking trails. We scored well when it comes to camping, with Minnesota being one of the most camping-friendly states.

They also looked at things like how many wineries a state has and how many corn mazes. These are, of course, just a few of many factors. They even looked into things like natural disasters, pumpkin patches, state parks and more.

I personally think that Minnesota deserves this title, if not for the fall colors alone, especially Duluth! Most people outside of the midwest thinks that Minnesota is a frozen tundra but there is so much more that we have to offer if people could just get past the cold. Ha!

Wisconsin also did well, coming in right next to Minnesota at number ten. This is likely due to the same reasons as Minnesota. We aren't too shabby here in the midwest. Maybe this will encourage more people to come and soak it all up!

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