Starting tomorrow February 2  Craig Simonson who is the owner of Savasana Epsom, is running 500 miles across Minnesota to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation’s Athletes vs Epilepsy program. He also will be using this run to showcase the Epsom salt product he created for sore muscles.

His plan is to begin the run in Grand Portage, MN on the Canadian border Bridge and end in La Crosse, WI over a period of 12 days averaging 45 miles per day. He decided to do this run to showcase the new product by taking a bath each night after the run,  have some fun, and to top it off give back.

Simonson said “I began by practicing yoga to get out of a “funk” and then I heard about ultra-running, so I decided I would give it a try. As most people experience when doing a challenging workout, I began to get sore muscles, and really sore feet from trail running. I was told to use Epsom salt, and after using a variety of different kinds, I wondered what the best product was out there. After some research, the idea was planted to establish Savasana Epsom. "

In creating this product Simonson knew he wanted to give back somehow when building his brand, so he started looking around to find a cause that he could support and get behind. After learning about the Epilepsy Foundation last year and learning more about athletes living with the challenges of epilepsy, he knew It was a cause he was eager to be a part of. Simonson’s goal is to raise $3,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation’s Athletes vs Epilepsy through his 500- mile run. He plans to stay at Airbnb’s each night and use the product after he runs each day. For more on Simonson's mission CLICK HERE

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