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This Minnesotan named Warren Kapsner has quite the yard. He lives in Golden Valley, Minnesota and he has planted thousands of daffodils around his yard. I thought maybe they were planted as a tribute to someone special but no, Warren planted these 2,500 daffodils for everyone's enjoyments, including his own of course.

How Did All of this Start?

The fall of 2019 is when this all started. (You plant daffodils in the fall and they bloom in spring. I didn't know that so I wanted to throw that out there in case others weren't aware.) I thought maybe he decided to plant these flowers as a tribute to someone special, but it seems to me like he planted these for his enjoyment and ours!

The Star Tribune writes that "he buried about 800 daffodil bulbs" that fall. Then this most recent fall he wanted more, so he planted another 1,700 bulbs. They are covering his yard and they'll continue to cover his yard even more! That's because daffodils are perennials and multiply the longer more and more the longer they've been planted.

People love to drive by Warren's home and look at the beautiful daffodils. Warren agrees that they're beautiful and told the Star Tribune that he thinks they're "'the ideal flower'". He says that one of the best things about them is that "'the deer don't like 'em and the squirrels don't like 'em and the rabbits don't like 'em.'"

So daffodils bloom in the springtime, so what's in Warren's yard during the summer? When the daffodils aren't blooming you'll see plenty of "lilies of the valley, wild geraniums and hostas" pop up across his yard. He just constantly has a beautiful yard to look at!

Where to Find the House w/ the Daffodil Covered Yard


If you wanted to check out Warren's daffodil-filled yard, his home is 130 Edgewood Ave. S. in Golden Valley, MN.

I'm not sure I'd ever be able to handle a yard full of flowers, I like my green space. But if a neighbor did it I would definitely appreciate looking at the beauty every day! Would you ever do something like this with your yard?

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