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Joseph Grisamore of Park Rapids, Minnesota is the proud world record holder of the tallest full Mohican mohawk in the world. He's featured in the 2021 Guinness Book of World Records! This feat has been about 14 years in the making.

He Wanted to Break the World Record in 2007, But...

Joseph did an interview with the Guinness World Records crew and he said back in 2007 he wanted to attempt to break the record but there was one thing that held him back. In order to attempt to break the record you're required to shave the sides of your head and Joseph was not ready to do that.

There was another world record he tried to break in 2013 when his hair was 58 inches long. The record was for the tallest spike mohawk but he failed the attempt to break the record.

Then He Had to Cut All of His Hair and Start Over

It seems as though breaking the record for the tallest mohawk has been on Joseph's mind for a while now. But sadly he had to shave his head about 7 years ago because it became too dreaded after his honeymoon to Aruba, according to Guinness World Records. The saltwater really screwed up his hair! So 7 years went by and now we're here and Joseph has officially broken the world record for tallest mohawk! Yes, that means he shaved the sides of his head.

So How Tall is Joseph's Mohawk?

Joseph's mohawk stands 42.5 inches tall, so about 3.5 feet. That's crazy! Plus, Joseph is already a tall guy, he's 6' 1", then you add on an extra 3.5 feet and you can easily pick him out in a crowd.

When Joseph's hair isn't all done up he'll typically wear his hair in braids and up in 2 knots so it stays out his way. Which is necessary at his job. Fun fact, Joseph is an essential worker at a healthcare facility. Yeah, I don't think they'd allow him to wear his hair up in a 3.5-foot mohawk.

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