A man from Britt Minnesota has been formally charged with setting his own home on fire which also killed three of the family cats. When a St. Louis County sheriff's deputy arrived on the scene of the fire they noticed 51 Devin Wayne Hadersbeck walking down the street. The home had flames pouring out of a window, with derogatory words written in fluorescent-green spray paint on a privacy fence and front door.

The sheriff also noticed footprints from the house to the garage and then down the road. The deputy went back to Hadersbeck who was continuing to walk down the road. According to the Duluth News Tribune (paywall) when told his house was on fire Hadersbeck said " I started it,’ mentioned he was sick of his old lady and said he decided to ‘light it up, the complaint said. “(Hadersbeck) said no one was inside, and he let the cats out before leaving the house. (Hadersbeck) was taken into custody.”

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Once the fire was extinguished a deputy took a video inside the residence he found three dead cats who appeared to have died from smoke inhalation. The deputy also found additional messages written on the wall in the same green spray paint aimed at the woman that also lived at the home. The can of spray paint was located by the front door.

The woman and Hadersbeck both lived at the home with the loan for the residents being in the woman's name and the title to the home under his name. The woman told the sheriff that Hadersbeck seemed fine when she left for work earlier in the day. Hadersbeck was arraigned this past Tuesday with first-degree arson and three felony counts of animal cruelty. His bail was set at $75,000. He remains in the St. Louis County Jail and his next court appearance is scheduled for  April 25.

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