Never in a million years would you think that you'd have a medical emergency in the middle of the Douglas Trail between Pine Island and Rochester, Minnesota, but that is what happened this past Saturday for Dawn and her boyfriend, Bert Robb.  What could have been a tragic day turned into a day full of miracles and angels thanks to three strangers on bikes.

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My heart sunk a bit when I was browsing Facebook last night because I saw the post that Dawn shared on a group called Spotted in Rochester.  Her goal was to just try to thank the strangers that saved her boyfriend's life on Saturday.

A million thank yous to the three angels that stopped and performed CPR on my boyfriend Saturday afternoon until the sheriff and paramedics showed up.You saved his life. I am so grateful to you all. - Dawn Alger

Life is a bit of a whirlwind of emotions right now but I reached out to Dawn and she was kind enough to chat with me today and tell this amazing story of miracles.

Are you one of the three people on the bikes?

If you are one of the angels on the bikes that helped save Bert's life, I have their contact info and they would love to tell you thanks in person.  You truly are amazing angels who were in the perfect spot at the most important time in Bert and Dawn's life.  Send me a message to my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - or e-mail me at and I'll connect you!

Do you have another good news story?

It makes my heart happier when the words I write are about good news in our area...and I'm pretty sure those stories help brighten our world too.  Do you know of another good news story that has happened in our community?  Let me know by sending me a message to my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - or e-mail me at

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