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Many students decide to opt for community college instead of attending a four-year school. Great news for those students and anyone considering going to a community college, Minnesota has just been named one of the states with the best community college system in the country! We are also home to one of the best community colleges in the country.

First, let's talk about Minnesota having a great community college system. WalletHub used findings from their list of the best and worst community colleges in the country they determined which states have the best quality of schools.

Here are the top 11 states that offer the best community college system:

11. Minnesota
10. South Dakota
9. Arkansas
8. California
7. New York
6. New Mexico
5. Connecticut
4. Hawaii
3. Maryland
2. Washington
1. Wyoming

Minnesota may have ranked just outside of the top 10, but on the list of the best community colleges in the country, we fared a little better.

Here are the top 10 community colleges in the country:

10. Orange Coast College (CA)
9. Casper College (WY)
8. Alexandria Technical & Community College (MN)
7. Ohlone College (CA)
6. Northwestern Connecticut Community College (CT)
5. Northern Wyoming Community Collge District (WY)
4. Northwest Iowa Community College (IA)
3. College of San Mateo (CA)
2. Arkansas State University-Mountain Home (AR)
1. State Technical College of Missouri (MO)

Alexandria Technical & Community College, up in Alexandria, MN came in as the 8th best community college in the entire country! But based on the findings from the first study we talked about, it seems to me that no matter what Minnesota community college you decide to go to, it will most likely be a very worthwhile investment.

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