The results are in! According to Bring Me the News, Minnesota once again had the highest ACT score in the nation out of states where a large majority of their students took the college entrance exam.

The site says that 95% of students in Minnesota took the test and scored an average of 21.4. Out of the 15 states that had all of their students take the test, the closest average to ours was 20.3, which came from our boarding state of Wisconsin. This year's national average was 20.7 out of 36. Which shockingly is up from when I took it my junior year. The national average was a score of 19.

The article says that the land of 10,00 lakes scored 21.3 average last year and the year before that was a 21.5. That means that students in Minnesota are consistently hitting that same score. That should be a big pat on the back for all the educators out there that spend countless hours educating the young minds they see each and every day.

The Education Commissioner says that we should celebrate the fact that we had the highest average in the country, but there is still a lot of room to grow. Which is so true. Just imagine what our score would look like if every student took the test.

The ACT looks at college readiness. I'm a strong believer that a test can't predict how well a student will do in college. I am the worst test taker there is, but I was an amazing college student. This year's test says that only 30% of Minnesota students hit college readiness benchmarks. If we could do a better job of preparing students for college, they will be successful in their future ventures.

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