Many of us have a lot of expenses each month and one of the biggest is gas. If you have to commute for work or school, you probably are constantly filling up your tank. Well, good news for Minnesotans! According to ABC 6 KAAL-TV, Minnesota's gas prices have gone down four cents in the past week.

Their article looked at a tool called Gas Buddy. It is a website or app that looks at average gas prices for cities, states, and the national average. This morning (Tuesday, February 11th) when I took a look at the site, Minnesota's average price was $2.299. We are right in the middle of the pack when it comes to other states. Texas has the lowest prices, but they also have a lot of refineries in their state, so they don't have to have gas trucked in. The ABC 6 KAAL-TV article says the continued drop in gas prices is due to the Coronavirus. Speaking of the Coronavirus, our news team had the opportunity to talk to an expert about the virus. You can check out what he said here.

I decided to take this a step further and look at Rochester. For the most part, prices are around $2.25. Which is down quite a bit from the start of 2020. Usually, we see a spike in prices around spring break and summer. We'll have to see if the trend of low gas prices continues through 2020.

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