Can you imagine the time and energy it would take to make a snowman that is 30 feet tall? One family in Buffalo, Minnesota knows exactly what that is like and people are flocking from all over to check out this giant Frosty The Snowman.

His name is actually Frosty Fobbe named after Eric Fobbe the man behind this giant creation. He did say that it takes daily maintenance to keep him looking good and maintaining his big round shape.

It all started last Friday when he gathered up snow from all over the neighborhood and put it in a pile. He then took a snowblower and blew it into one giant pile. It took forty hours and the entire weekend to build. They also had temporary stairs on the backside of the snowman to help get the 75-pound hat on top of Frosty's head. And he has a traffic cone for a nose.

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Fobbe said to FOX9: "When it's sunny out, or it's over 30 degrees, I'll come home from work, and I'll notice it's shrunk a little bit, so I'm out here adding snow to it non-stop."

This is actually the fourth giant snowman he and his family have built. The first one was 12 feet, then 20, then 25 feet last year. The Fobbes said making these giant snowmen makes them really happy, but seeing other people come to see it and take pictures is their favorite thing.

Stacey Fobbe said to FOX9:

It's so nice seeing the community come together and people, like he said, from Bloomington, all over Minnesota come to see it. And it's just so neat to meet new people.

The snowman is located on Buffalo Run Road and Rodeo Drive in Buffalo, just off Highway 25 on the southern edge of town.

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