Dad's big day is coming. Everyone's asking what I want for Father's Day. I almost never wear a tie; so that's out. I don't play golf often; so I don't need new golf balls. A survey by the website found out what dads most want this June 19. And it's not golf balls or a tie.

Mostly, it's time with the family, in one way or another. The website states, "No matter where the day is spent, the dads have made it clear - they want to spend time with their families on Father's Day."

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In Minnesota and Wisconsin, a family BBQ was the top pick. In Iowa, North and South Dakota a family day is his top desire. Many states across the country had one of those two wishes. Over 1,000 fathers with children still at home were surveyed. Their average age was 37.


But a few dads want something they can use claims the survey, "Fathers in four states told us they could really use some new tools. And in two more states, dads said they'd like a new gadget. Finally, way up in Alaska, our nation's last frontier, dads are begging for some help with chores."

In a few states, dads want to simply sleep in.

Personally, I'm a little north of the average age of the dads in this survey and my kids don't live at home. I'm happy to say I just saw the whole family during a recent vacation, so maybe I'll take those golf balls and chase them around the course.

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