Using humor on social media to get your point across can backfire at times. One of the main rules you should follow is to 'know your audience', and it appears Minot North Dakota might have just figured out how to communicate a message to folks on social media. Last week the city posted a reminder for drivers about using the 'zipper' merge, and the post went viral!

The post from the City of Minot reminds drivers that merging early often results in a long slow-moving line, whereas if motorists were to wait until the point where the lane ends and then merge over, traffic should flow better.

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Guys…. Hear us out…
Your “polite” early merge is slowing you and everyone down. And we can’t afford that right now. The weather’s nice, the kids have baseball practice today, and you ain’t you until you get your double mocha iced latte with almond milk and TWO shots of espresso. Times a tickin’ amirite?
The “late” zipper merge is faster, safer, and the way to do this. Do that. After all, momma (and daddy) needs their coffee STAT.
Here’s the reality of it…
When drivers come up to a lane closure, they tend to get over early — which makes one long slow line, and one mostly empty lane.
When traffic is really backed up, the best thing to do is not merge early. If all drivers would just slow down and drive in both lanes, then take turns merging into the through lane, like teeth on a zipper, everyone would be better off and you won’t be running late for that appointment with the “caffeine doctor.”
For many, merging late doesn't feel fair, since so few people are doing it. It makes early mergers mad. But get out of your feelings and slide into that extra space that’s there. And let others do it too, yeah?
Merging early is like using buttons while using both lanes is like using a zipper. And I don’t know about you but when those two extra shots of espresso hits the ole large intestines, you’re going to prefer the zipper to the buttons, I bet.

That last paragraph ties it all together...

Maybe MnDOT could adopt this type of humor from time to time on social media.

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