Do you believe? The Minnesota Bigfoot Conference is taking over the Timberlake Lodge and Hotel on October 8th for a day full of exploration into the unknown.

This event is hosted by the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team, and will feature various guest speakers sharing their experiences tracking Bigfoot.

The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team/ MN.B.R.T.,a group of like minded individuals that work together in proving the existence of Sasquatch/Bigfoot using the best method's known to work in calling these creatures in closer and using communication known to be used by the great ape's, MN.B.R.T. collects evidence using scientific method's in hope of preserving what ever biological sample's or findings they come across.

This family-friendly event will start at 10 am on Saturday, October 8th, and is a ticketed event. The cost for tickets is $15 for kids, and $30 for adults. If you want to get in on a 3-day experience ticket with events running from Friday, October 7th - Sunday, October 9th the cost for that is $175. Ticketing information can be found here. 

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The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team comprises multiple members across the state who help collect data on Bigfoot sightings that are reported in Minnesota, and follow up on them. The team has also done an episode of Animal Planet's hit TV show Finding Bigfoot. In the episode, they took the cast into a research area and got a wood/tree knock in July of 2016.

For more information on the 2nd Annual Minnesota Bigfoot Conference, check out the Facebook event. 

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