Once again, it appears us Minnesotans don't get enough credit from the rest of the country.

Living here in Minnesota, we already know what a great place our state is. Sure, it gets cold and snowy in the winter. And, sometimes, in April too. But our standard of living, our quality of life, our schools, and, of course, our medical care are second to none, right?

Which is why it's not all that surprising that our largest city, Minneapolis, exhibits all these things along with a slew of other amenities-- like great restaurants, several different professional sports teams, the Mall of America, a booming craft beer scene and top-notch arts and museums-- and STILL doesn't get credit for them.

Because out of all similar-sized cities, this new survey from Ranker.com just put Minneapolis on the top of the list of the 116 Underrated American Cities. They came up with the results after surveying visitors to their site. Their survey said this about the underrated cities on its list:

“The more up and coming cities in the US may get overlooked at first, but dive deeper and you’ll see that they are definitely worth your time,” Ranker writes. “They may not be quite as big as LA or NYC, but they’ve got just as much architectural beauty, awesome nightlife, and interesting people as any major metropolitan area.”

Minneapolis even beat out other Midwest cities like Pittsburgh and Kansas City. (You can check out the entire Underrated Cities list HERE.) So, yeah, here in Minnesota, we're number-one.. at not being considered number-one!

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