Khaliya Kimberlie's The Voice cover of "Dibs" by Kelsea Ballerini almost took a backseat to the argument that ensued over which coach would get to keep her. Blake Shelton and Miley Cyrus battled for the country singer with alt-rock influences.

In the end she went to Team Miley, persuaded that the pop star could best relate to her — not Shelton. Or was she won over by Cyrus' flattery of her low notes? It's hard to tell because — as Shelton points out — Cyrus said a lot!

"The flowers are going to die on your clothes," Shelton tells the pop star near the end. "You're sucking the oxygen out of this room."

Indeed, Cyrus' enthusiasm for the New Mexico-raised teenager overflowed. She gave specific feedback and shared how she went through similar issues when she was young. She encouraged Kimberlie to keep her genre options open and generally just buried any argument Shelton tried to make. Even though he's an artist with more country hits, the singer picked Cyrus.

"Oh my God! We're gonna have to change the name of this show to Miley's Voice," Shelton says as coaches Adam Levine and Alicia Keys take in the verbal pugilism with smiles on their faces.

Cyrus came into the competition promising she'd win some of the country talent that has for so long been the backbone of Team Blake. He's won four times, three times with country stars. While he missed out on the Native American singer from the American southwest, he still did alright on Tuesday (Sept. 27). Josh Gallagher joined his team during the fifth audition episode of Season 11.

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