What a scary scene in Denver.

Several videos and photos surfaced on social media Thursday afternoon showing flames and smoke coming from "Mile High Stadium" in Denver.

The stadium is the home to the Denver Broncos and according to reports, flames were seen coming from the suite level and even up to the third level of the stadium.

Obviously, it is too soon to say what may have caused this massive fire in the stadium, plus there is no word if any of the stadium's personnel was on site when the fire started.

The stadium opened in 2001 and is now known as Empower Field at Mile High Stadium.

Here are some of the photos and videos of the fire from the stadium that have surfaced on social media.

In an update, the Denver Fire Dept. says that the blaze has been contained and that the sprinkler system in the stadium was not enough to contain the fire.

If you recall, it wasn't long ago that the roof of the Superdome in New Orleans caught fire too.


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