I realize it's technically still summer, but with the recent cooler weather and fall quickly approaching, it won't be long before it's winter. With winter comes snow and with snow comes snowmobiling. I haven't owned a snowmobile in a long time; none of my friends have one and riding by myself is only fun for a little while. I sold my sled about three years ago - it was a 1985 Polaris Indy. It was a fun sled but like all older sleds it got to the point where I was fixing it more than riding it, so I sold it to a collector. I did the same thing with my early '70s Arctic Cat, although I wish I would've held onto that one. There's something about those older sleds that I really enjoy. Maybe it's the fun memories they conjure up from my childhood or maybe it's the simplicity of the machine itself.

Recently there was a Facebook post on my page informing me of a fun event coming up in September in Douglas, Minnesota. This little town in southern Minnesota is the site of the 23rd Annual Great Southern Grass Drag Nationals, Swap Meet and Vintage Sled Show on, Saturday, September 23. Now the grass drag racing would be fun to see, it's the Vintage Sled Show that really attracts me. It's amazing some of the old sleds that show up for these shows. Just when I think I know every make of sled there ever was, along comes some odd looking snowmobile I've never seen before. I've already put it on my calendar and hopefully I'll be going.

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