It didn't turn out like the picture.

A man apparently ordered a birthday cake featuring Mickey Mouse on it, but what he got did not resemble the photo he sent to the cake decorator.

Often folks will find a photo of a cake online and send it to a local cake decorator in hopes of getting their cake to resemble the one they found online.

Sometimes the cake replicates to perfection, and other times it is nowhere near what the customer hoped for.

In this case, this poor guy did NOT get the perfect cake. As you will see below, the cake featuring Mickey Mouse does not resemble the photo on the man's phone, and I was left crying when I saw the end result.

Look, cake decorating is difficult and we know that people's expectations are through the roof these days, but this cake is not even come close to the original photo.

Cake decorators say people often bring in photos of cakes they find online, but at times the photos can be deceiving.

With the use of filters on most phones now, it can almost be impossible to replicate the cake and the colors.

However, that is not the issue here---at all. The shape and structure of Mickey are way off.


Check it out below.



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