The Minnesota Twins don't go to just any barber to get their hair cut, they get it cut by the Twins team barber. I had no idea that they even had their own personal team barber! His name is Andy Duran but the team knows him as Andy Fade.

Andy was originally born in the Dominican Republic, grew up in Rochester, NY, and he now is the barber for the Minnesota Twins. He told WCCO that he got the call to come work for the Twins around 2014.

Andy joked with WCCO a little bit that “'I made my way up here just like a player [laughs]!'” He started out in Triple-A baseball.

Outfielder Jake Cave really enjoys getting his hair cut by Andy. Andy also mentioned to WCCO, "'I don’t even ask [Jake] what he wants. I already know his style, what he wants.'”

Now we know why all of their hair looks so good at Twins games!

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