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Mayo Clinic has now released a new Coronavirus (COVID-19) tracking tool. Because things are changing every day and things are different for each state, even each county, Mayo Clinic wanted to offer a new tracking tool.

With this tracking tool, Mayo Clinic says you can see data from every county in every state along with "Mayo Clinic insight on how to assess risk and plan accordingly." So along with Mayo Clinic's other COVID-19 tools, you can now see all sorts of data from around the country.

Here is the information that you can get utilizing this new interactive map:

Data include the total number of cases by county and state, new cases per day, positive test rate and fatality rate, presented with trends over time and Mayo Clinic guidance on how to take action.

I tested out the map today (September 17th) and I had an issue with the dropdown menu at the top of the map. I believe they just released this map today (the 17th) so they may still be working through bugs. But if the dropdown menu doesn't work for you, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the state you want to see from there. Then you can take a look at all of the counties in that state. You will be able to see the total cases and the total new cases for the day when you click on a certain county.

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