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Even though it might be the first day of spring, a massive snowstorm shut down portions of Minnesota recently and nearly buried a county snow plow out trying to clear the roads.

To say it's been a snowy winter in the Gopher State is a bit of an understatement when you check out the massive amount of white stuff that's fallen across parts of the state. And just because spring starts today (March 20th) doesn't mean we've seen the end of all that snow, either, right?

The winter of 2023 will go down in the record books across much of the Land of 10,000 (Snow Covered) Lakes. While parts of southeast Minnesota haven't been hit as hard, other parts of the state have been drowning in snow this season.


In fact, KARE-11 TV in Minneapolis reported that Old Man Winter has already dumped a whopping 81.2 inches on the Twin Cities so far this season, making it the 8th snowiest on record. And other parts of the North Star State have seen even MORE snow.

Like, say, Big Stone County, for instance. It's located in far western Minnesota, along the border with North Dakota. And I'm thinking the folks there might want to change the name of their county to Big SNOW County! I say that because according to a picture posted on the Big Stone Sheriff's Office Facebook page, there is a LOT of snow there.

Check out the picture below from this past weekend. It shows a familiar orange snow plow-- buried up to its hood in the snow! Hoo boy, THAT is a lot of snow! As the post says:

This year has been nothing short of a UFC match vs Mother Nature and it’s looking like we have at least another few weeks of it. -- Big Stone County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

Thankfully, it IS spring in Minnesota. But even so, we know that Mother Nature can throw a lot more winter-like weather at us before it finally warms up. So keep scrolling to check out 10 Painfully True Phases of Spring in Minnesota!

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