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He big, furry, and is all about spreading kindness, love ❤️, and smiles 😃 to everyone in Minnesota.  His name is Yammy Bear 🐻 and he just finished a huge adventure visiting every single Kwik Trip throughout the entire state.  Yes, all 187 Kwik Trips and he did it in 6 days.

WE did it! Yammy Bear and The Family visited ALL 187 Kwik Trips IN MINNESOTA in 6 days!
A lot of our trip was quantifiable but the amount of smiles, hugs, high fives, fist 👊bumps and "see you next times" we received was beyond measure! ❤
🙌🏾🙌🙌🏻 - Yammy Bear Facebook Page

📷 Lots of selfies...MANY were taken at every location and if you scroll through you may notice a few people in Rochester, Byron, Winona, or in another town with a Kwik Trip that you recognize.  Heads up...there is one selfie that was taken with something in a car that is NOT a person.  See if you can find which photo I'm talking about.

Yammy Bear Visits all of the Kwik Trips in Minnesota

On Thursday, April 15th, 2021 Yammy Bear set off to put a smile on people's faces at every single Kwik Trip in Minnesota. If you were wondering how many that is, that is a total of 187 KwikTrip locations and in 107 cities throughout the state.

The goal was to spread positivity and to put a smile the people's faces while spreading some love, showing kindness, and bring the spirit of compassion to all communities who has been affected by Covid-19.

According to Yammy Bear's Facebook page, Yammy is filled with love and compassion and he was taught to love everyone regardless of their race.  And Kwik Trip stores haven't been the only place that Yammy Bear has visited.  He's also shown up at several schools, the Boys & Girls Club, Mall of America, and he's even been at a birthday party.

When you think of Minnesota and our favorite stores, well Yammy Bear just visited all of the Kwik Trips which tend to be a favorite.  Target is high on the list too and right now the North Target in Rochester is going through extensive renovations.  Keep scrolling to see photos.

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What To Expect When The Massive Remodel At The North Target In Rochester Is Complete

Aryn at Target Corporation said the Target store at Marketplace Drive NW in Rochester is undergoing some pretty major enhancements. She said the remodel will "feature modern design elements and bring more digital experiences to our stores that make shopping even easier, safer, and more inspiring for our guests – and uniquely Target." Target has shared photos on their corporate website that give customers an idea of what to expect when the renovation is complete.

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