Last week was a tough week for all the ag markets, corn, soybeans, cattle , hogs, and of course the stock markets too. The markets do not uncertainty and we sure have a lot of that with the coronavirus. It would seem that if the coronavirus continues to spread it would have a much bigger impact on business and the stock markets then the ag commodities.

People still need to eat but the problem is many workers at the ports in China were not going to work to unload the ships. I did read more workers have gotten back to work but we are a long way from normal. It is normal to see a big "knee jerk" reaction and markets move much more than normal. Then after things settle down we begin to move back the other way.

It was encouraging that corn and soybeans seemed to stabilize on Friday. However, cattle and hogs were still down pretty hard. We still do not know how bad or if the coronavirus can be contained. However, there is no doubt the markets have a pretty severe case of the coronavirus!

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