Officials in Portsmouth, Ohio recently issued a warrant for the arrest of a man who not only impersonated country singer Travis Tritt, but actually got booked and paid to play a gig at a community event.

The following was posted on the Portsmouth Ohio Official Facebook page:


Billy Lee Eldridge, 46, of West Portsmouth has a warrant for his arrest for fraud and criminal possession of forged instruments. According to arrest report, Mr. Eldridge convinced The River Days committee that he was country artist Travis Tritt and accepted payment of $2,250.00 for a performance at this year’s River Days festival. He then tried the same scheme for The Scioto County Fair but was discovered as a fraud when they asked him to sing Here’s A Quarter. He panicked and fled. Last seen in the Lucasville bottoms. Message this page with info of his whereabouts.

Based on the photo of the suspect, one would have to assume he was wearing a hat when he convinced The River Days committee to hire him to perform?

Either way, he deserves to be caught because who the heck doesn't know "Here's A Quarter"?!  If I was going to pass myself off as Bryan White, I'd at least learn "Rebecca Lynn".

I don't know what's better, this story or the comments posted by people on the Facebook page announcing the crime below.

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