Antonio Levell Washington was charged in November with selling heroin and with five counts of violating an order for protection. He is known to authorities as a major source of heroin in Rice County. He was out on bail and approached his female victim, the same one he has the order of protection violations with, asked her for some things and a key so he could stay at her home.

According to the Faribault Daily News, he then once inside locked the door, went through the victim's purse and took her money and driver's license, then allegedly got her to unlock her phone, got her phone number and information showing that she was going to testify against him in an assault case. He then threatened her after becoming angry and told her she and her kids cannot say anything in court and told her he beat a victim previously so she would not testify against him in another case.

Washington forced her to drive and when she had the chance made a number of attempts to call 911. As they were driving she made some stops. At one she called 911 and locked herself in a bathroom. Authorities came and arrested Washington who was in the back seat of the car.

Washington was charged with kidnapping and witness tampering, both felonies. He’s also been charged with violating a domestic abuse no contact order, a misdemeanor.
His next appearance in court on the most recent charge is Jan. 12. He’s back in court Jan. 18 on the heroin and previous no contact order violations.


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