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If the ongoing strange events of 2020 have caused you to lose your mind, you might want to check with James Senda... because he found an actual brain while walking on the beach in Wisconsin.

Yes, I know it sounds strange, and it IS strange, but it's true: This Wisconsin man found an actual brain, all wrapped in tinfoil, sitting right there on the Lake Michigan beach at Samuel Meyers Park in Racine, just south of Milwaukee (about four and a half hours east of Rochester.)

According to this CBS-58 TV story, Senda was walking along the beach looking for sea glass he uses in his various art project when he found a bag that had a tinfoil package wrapped in flowers with a rubber band around it. Being the curious sort, he opened the package and found... a brain?

Yes, a brain. Ew. Now THERE'S something you don't find everyday. Along with the brain, the story says Senda also found some foreign currency. He notified the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's office, who took the brain and after some testing, determined it wasn't a human brain. (Thank goodness!)

But, while testing over in America's Dairyland was able to figure out the brain did NOT belong to a human, they weren't able to conclude to which animal the brain belongs. Or why it was wrapped up in tinfoil and was dropped off at the beach. No word on which country the foreign currrency was from, either.

Frankly, even though we know it's not a human brain, this whole thing raises more questions than it answers, doesn't it? Who wraps up an animal brain and heads to the beach?!? Only in Wisconsin, right?!?

Check out the video below for more... and if you want to see an incredible home that comes with its own beach (not sure about the brain though), keep scrolling to see pics of this incredible home down in Texas!

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