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Saturday the 19th, at 5:45 pm,  the doors will NOT swing wide open, dinner will NOT be served, and there will be no charge to get in! It's the Gift of Life Transplant House's 2020 Gala...which they've called, "Thank You For NOT Coming!"

What's it all about? Let me explain it this way...

You travel hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles, to find out Mayo Clinic says you need an organ transplant. A plan of action, great. You're going to be OK! But then you think about logistics of the whole thing. Your anxiety peaks because you have a million things to think about, and you don't even have a place to sleep.

Luckily, darn near everyone at Mayo has been telling you to check with the Gift of Life Transplant House. An entire community to be a part of and to feel support from as you begin your return to health. You relax and the process begins.

That story is told day after day in Rochester, Minnesota. And day after day, even during the pandemic, the Gift of Life Transplant House is open to be the family and the love away from home for hundreds of patients a year. That's what its about...and it's about to happen!


How do you attend, "Thank You For NOT Coming!"

No need to purchase tickets – this event is free to ANYONE AND EVERYONE! Prepare Your Meal or Snack and Beverages. No party will be complete with some light appetizers, delicious meal or your favorite beverage. All in the comfort of your own home (or at work, or on the deck, even).

Once you're all settled in, what do you do? You click here!

Actually, you could click there now, and youtube'll remind you when it's staring.

Register to participate in the Virtual Live Auction, Silent Auction, and our special appeals by clicking here! Share the event with family, friends and neighbors – it will be live at 5:45 on Saturday, September 19!

If you can't watch it at 5:45 PM Saturday, you can watch it anytime after that. You can also just straight up donate to the Gift of Life Transplant House by clicking HERE.

Please, be a part of this virtual event. I was blessed to have family and friends near when my sister gave me one of her kidneys. I want everyone to have that same blessing.

James Rabe and his sister, Joan, the morning Joan gave James one of her kidneys! (December 21, 2012)

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